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If you are visiting the Downtown Cleveland on a trip, you will be delighted to find a number of quality hotels in downtown Cleveland. In fact, some of the best hotels in the areas are located near to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center and other tourist destinations. Moreover, staying at these hotels make it easy to attend the events like the Cleveland International Film Festival and various summer festivals organized in the area. If you are looking for some good hotels in downtown Cleveland, we have some great information in our travel articles for you.
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Hotels In Downtown Cleveland

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Guide for Visitors in Downtown Cleveland: Attractions, Restaurants and Good Priced Hotels

Cleveland has become a popular tourist attraction in this last decade and there are a number of tourist spots, restaurants and affordable accommodations. Use this guide on downtown Cleveland for maximum fun.

The first step is to get the right accommodation. If you are on a budget, the Comfort Inn is a great place. The inn has been built in the heart of the downtown region and lies close to a number of important places. The entertainment district The Flats is within easy access as is the Theatre District. You can also walk to a number of great restaurants and retail outlets.

If budget is not an issue, stay at the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade or the Renaissance on Public Square.

Take a walk to the Hope Memorial Bridge, so named after Bob Hope's father. The bridge is known for four beautifully crafted art deco sculptures made of pylon. These represent the changing forms of modes of ground transportation.

For a taste of real Cleveland culture, development and beauty, spend some time in the Old Arcade. The arcade was built to replicate the beauty of Milan, Italy and is marked by exquisitely hand-crafted gargoyles framing the atrium, a stupendous skylight and two majestic towers. The Old Arcade is now home to the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a unique collection of rock and roll mementos through the ages. The venue celebrates Cleveland's role in naming the genre and furthering its growth through the years. Sample some great food and cuisines in the vicinity before you return to your hotel.

Tips on Getting Hotels in Downtown Cleveland: Advantages to Getting Geo-Specific Accommodations in the City

Cleveland downtown is the busiest place in the entire city. Many executives and families try to book a hotel in Cleveland well in advance as the reservations at downtown hotels fill very fast, especially during the peak season.

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The first and foremost thing to remember is to decide on the budget. After that, check for a hotel that provides the best service and then look what all goodies they offer. Downtown hotels do provide necessary amenities at reasonable prices. So it won't be difficult to arrange a suitable lodging facility at downtown.

An advantage of taking up accommodation in the heart of the city is that everything that one needs, will be at a walkable distance. Restaurants, shopping malls and site seeing places, everything is within reach. Also, being the center of the city, the area will be well connected to all the places, particularly to the airport.

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Cleveland Arcade and Tower City center are the most popular malls and shopping destinations for tourists. The Blue Pointe Grille and Mallorca are pretty much famous for their dining. Major attractions of downtown are Great Lakes Science center, Playhouse square and Rock and roll hall of fame and museum. Just imagine that if one gets to stay at downtown, how easy it will be to have an access to all these places.

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There are some renowned hotels in downtown Cleveland. To name a few, Marriott Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, Hyatt Regency Cleveland, Radisson Hotel, Holiday Inn Express and Embassy Suites are preferred for their outstanding services and friendly staff.