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Memphis Kiddie Park is located at the Memphis Avenue in Brooklyn near Cleveland in Ohio. This children's park is well-known for its 11 rides, some of which are Comets, Jeeps, Boats, Pony Carts, Speedways and Space Shuttles. The Little Dipper roller coaster is the oldest steel made roller coaster operating in the continent of North America. The park also offers birthday party packages, along with miniature golf parties. Plan to take your children to this amazing park while being in Cleveland. Find some useful tips about the park and other similar attractions of Cleveland and its surrounding areas from our travel article.
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Bring Your Kids Here: Memphis Kiddie Park Sure Will Delight Your Kids Extremely

Thinking of spending a family holiday in Cleveland and looking for the most exciting places for your kids? The best choice would be the beautiful Memphis Kiddie Park. Established in 1952 this well maintained, safe and kid friendly park of Cleveland attracts the kids and their parents equally.

Memphis Kiddie Park, Cleveland

Memphis Kiddie Park is extreme fun for kids of 1 to 8 years. The park is open throughout the week from 10.00 am.

The park offers 11 miniature rides: the floating boat rides, traditional carousal, rocket ship ride and the miniature train. The concession stand and the challenging 18-hole mini golf also offers great amusement. Only the children who are no taller than 50″ can enjoy the Memphis Kiddie Park rides.

Memphis Kiddie Park rides

To enjoy the Memphis Kiddie Park of Cleveland you have to pay just $1.75/person. If there is a big group of 10 to 25 kids you need to spend $14.75 to $24.50. For playing in the mini golf course of the park you have to pay $4.75. You do not need to pay any parking fee or entrance fee.

For schools and church groups the park offers 50 cents off on the tickets of every child.

Memphis Kiddie Park tickets

to celebrate your 6 years old son's birthday you can choose Memphis Kiddie Park as a terrific venue. The park has various interesting birthday packages. At least 6 children have to be there for organizing a birthday party in the park.

Memphis Kiddie Park parties

While seeing your little ones enjoying the wonderful rides in the park you can as well enjoy the challenging mini golf course in the park.

Memphis Kiddie Park mini golf

Truly a landmark! Guides on Having Fun in Memphis Kiddie Park

Memphis Kiddie Park in Cleveland is one of the best entertainment venues. It was established on 1952 and remains open throughout the week from 10 in the morning. The park boasts several rides, an arcade and 18-hole mini golf facility. The rides are targeted towards kids between 1 and 8 years of age. Some of the rides include rocket ship, mini train, circular floating boat ride and traditional carousel.

The Memphis Kiddie Park also offers other attractions including cotton candy and popcorns for children and elders alike. It also offers concessions for the visitors. The arcade also has games and prices for the players. The mini golf facility at this park is the best in entire Ohio. It consists of 18 holes and the entire design is cleverly laid out. Both adults and kids can enjoy at this section of the park. The conventional elements like windmills and moving tunnels are present.

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Memphis Kiddie Park offers spaces on rent for celebrating birthdays of kids. The package includes a box of popcorn, unlimited ride for two hours, a soft drink and a Kiddie Park balloon. You can get birthday cakes and ice creams inside the park too. For a group of 6-19 children, the price is $12 per child and a group of 20 and above will pay $10.75 per kid.

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Riders have to be below 50 inches in height. For single tickets, you need to pay $1.75, for a strip of 10 tickets it is $14.75 and for a book of 25 tickets, it is $24.50. Mini golf can be played for $4.75 and at $35 you can get a booking for 10 games.

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