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One of the many attractions of the Public Square in downtown Cleveland is the Old Stone Church, a historic Presbyterian Church. Daily readings, Sunday prayers and other important events at the church attract not only the city residents but also the outside visitors. The church has its roots way back to 1820s and represents the Romanesque architectural style. Those visiting the church also prefer to explore other tourist sites surrounding it. Our travel articles provide information on various tourist sites in the area, so that you can make best use of it on your trip to Cleveland.
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Tips on Grabbing the Opportunity of Wedding at Old Stone Church: Marriage Preparation Program

The Old Stone Church at the Public Square is one of the oldest churches in the area. It is a much preferred venue for marriages, and has remained so over 190 years since its establishment in 1819.

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The Old Stone Church offers a complete marriage program solution up for grabs for all couples in the city. The church believes that marriages are a sacred institution and the programs are designed to enhance the ceremony to give the couples blessings to begin their new life. The program offers a setting that is memorable not only to the couple but all attending the wedding, a quality and well thought out program for preparation of the wedding, and meaningful ceremony and worship of God. This program is not only offered to the members but their friends and families living in Cleveland.

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It is recommended that you first contact the church administration to check the availability and book your dates for the church wedding. Accordingly you can attend the wedding preparations arranged by the church. The Old Stone Church arranges 4 wedding preparation seminars every year in the months of January, March, May and September. This is a 3 day program held over the weekend days.

The first day is dedicated to introductions, Christian marriage ceremony details followed by a Q&A session on the wedding plan. In the second day, the couples are taken through role expectations, communications, budgeting and finance, conflict management and other aspects of a marriage. The last day is dedicated to an overview of the worship during the marriage ceremony.

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Old Stone Church: Tours Guide to the Historical Presbyterian Church

Old Stone Church is one of the rarest and most interesting historical attractions located in Ohio. This historic Presbyterian Church is the oldest building on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, in Ohio.

Said to be built by Andrew Pickens, a hero of Revolutionary War in the early 1800 AD today, stands unaffected with a cemetery containing a number of old tombstones of Pickens and other respectable members.

The church stands to demonstrate the constructional design art of the Heard and Porter architectural firm. In the year 1973, the historic church was included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Get amazed to have a close look at the antique pipe organ of Cleveland and the gallery that is suspended by iron rods. Reaching the Old Stone Church is not difficult. You just need to follow the signs given on all the major highways to reach the church in Public Square. There are a number of transport facilities. The Rapid Transit station buses have stoppage in Public Square as well as Tower City and moving to the church location is quite easy.

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Situated in the northwest quadrant of the Public Square, the church is situated in the intersection of Rockwell Street and Ontario Street. The sanctuary doors are usually closed in office hours(9:00am - 5:00pm) The Office is open in the week days. Ontario Street entrance of the church is always open to visitors.

If you want to visit the church for Sunday Morning Prayer, you will get free parking facilities at the western site of Public Square as well as at the Ontario Street entrance. Here John Q's Restaurant and the Renaissance Hotel are closely situated. The parking area in front of the church is solely reserved for handicapped devotees. If you wish to visit the church at other days of the week, a special parking fee applies.

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