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The central plaza in downtown Cleveland is known as Public Square. Some of the main attractions of the Public Square are Key Tower, Terminal Tower, BP Tower, old Stone Church and the monuments to the Civil War soldiers. Public rallies and civic functions are organized at the Public Square and attended by a huge crowd of city residents and tourists. A number of hotels can be found around the Public Square and most of them make good accommodation options. To get detailed information about the Public Square, you can obtain plenty of information from our travel articles.
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Brief Intro to Directions and Locations of Cleveland Public Square

One of the popular locations in Cleveland is the Public Square. It is the first public square in the United States to get electricity, dated back in the year 1879. In and around Cleveland Public Square, there are lots of shopping centres and largest mall, Terminal Tower, etc. This place is highly developed and decorated with water fountains and antique sculptures, etc. When you visit this place, you will feel like you have reached to a place which cannot be compared with any other place around the world. It is located at the heart of the city.

Description and attractions near Public Square in Cleveland

There are lots of government and private offices located in Cleveland Public Square. Let us have a look at the directions to reach Public Square in Cleveland.

From Akron to Key centre:

If you are driving to Public Square, you are advised to take I-77 North to East Street. As you reach St. Clair, take a right turn towards the shopping mall and take one more right turn to reach the key centre.

From Cleveland Hopkins Airport:

You can drive yourself or take a taxi towards Tower city and then follow the sign board to Public Square.

Directions to key centre in Cleveland Public Square

If you follow the city map, then it is not difficult to reach Cleveland Public Square. In fact, Public Square is located at the centre of Cleveland. You can ask for directions to the local people or follow the city map.

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Hahn Loeser is the best park which is located in Cleveland Public Square.

Directions to Hahn Loeser Park in Cleveland Public Square

Things to Do in the Central Plaza - Public Square in Downtown Cleveland

The historic "Public Square" is the" central plaza", located in the core of Cleveland. The terminal tower and the tower city center are some of the famous buildings in the Public Square.

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The Public Square is a place that offers great tourist attraction. The central plaza consists of four blocks in the Square. This place has got a great history to reveal to its visitors. The public square is symbolic because it has hosted great events and public congregations.

The public street can boast of itself being the first of the few streets in US to have an electrified street lighting system.

It is home to the renowned "Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument "that has a remarkable significance in the history of the Civil war. The125-foot memorial is a tribute to the soldiers of the Cuyahoga County of Ohio. You can pay a visit to the monument without any entrance fee. The Public Square houses the Slovenian Consulate-General in Cleveland.

You can witness the Key Tower, which is the tallest skyscraper in Ohio, is located in Public Square. Other prominent constructions in the Square include the Terminal Tower and the Tower City Center.

The "Cleveland Orchestra" is marvelous offering free concerts to the public. Among these concerts the most famous is the one that is held on July 4th of every year. All the Clevelanders gather under the sky to lend their eyes and ears to the beautiful symphony.

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