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A multipurpose arena in downtown Cleveland, the Quicken Loans Arena is home to a number of professional sport teams. Some of these teams include the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, the Cleveland Gladiators of the AFL and the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL. Apart from having a seating capacity of more than 20,000 and 562 television monitors, the arena has other highlights like a total of 92 suites, Gordon's Sports Bar and the CAVSTOWN, the shop that sells variety of sports merchandise. More details about the arena can be obtained from out travel articles that cover all the main highlights of Cleveland.
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Visitors' Tips on Ticket Info and Box Office Hours of Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, Ohio

Quicken Loans Arena which is also referred to as "The Q", is a multipurpose arena in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. This arena is currently the home of Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA along with the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL and the Cleveland Gladiators of the AFL. The Quick Loans Arena boasts of mouthful of entertainment experience and it is the most spectacular shows under one roof.

Those people who are interested to buy tickets and Box office hours have a variety of options to select from and whichever suits them best must be good. There are many methods which includes online purchasing at theQarena.com.

There is also a toll free phone number which is applicable for the users interested for purchasing tickets. Also there is Quicken Loans Arena Box Office from where these ticket purchases and related inquiries could be done. Also there are outlets of Discount Drug Mart's 58 locations situated in northern Ohio.

The Quicken Loans Arena Main Ticket Office which is located in the Arena Arcade Entrance at the corner of Huron Road and East 6th Street. The Main Ticket Office is responsible for selling tickets of all events that are taking place in Quicken Loans Arena.

The Box Office hours are divided according to the winter hours and summer hours. If the event is going on from Monday to Saturday then from 9:30 am on event days and on non-event days it is from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. In summer hours three slots are present, first slot comprises from Monday to Friday, second one on Saturday and the third one on Sunday.

Jobs Information at Quicken Loans Arena

The Quicken Loans Arena, also known as "the Q", has a seat capacity of 20,562. Among them, 2,000 seats are counted as in the club seats. It's a multipurpose arena which hosts a dozens of shows and concerts every year. One of its signature sporting events is the Mid-American Conference men's and women's basketball tournaments.

Situated at a very convenient location, it's easily accessible via bus, shuttles or cars. Besides, various bars and restaurants are placed around the Arena, just within a short walk or cab ride distance. Both notable events and the surroundings make it a great place for any people to work there.

If you decide to make a career change, then the Quicken Loans would be the company that gives you chances to be great. Wanna be a part of the group? Current opportunities for Quicken Loans are given below.

List of Job Openings from the Quicken Loans Arena


Actually, the Quicken Loans does not have job openings at the Arena at present. But as the owner of the Arena, it does give job hunters a lot of opportunities. There are numerous current openings you can find on the official website of Quicken Loans. And it has all the openings classified into 20 categories. As for Accounting/Finance, two opportunities are offered. Working location of these two jobs is Detroit, Michigan.


The Quicken Loans intends to find an accountant that is good at completing accounting functions concerning cash reconciliations and mortgage loans. Excellent skills of Excel, Outlook and Accounting are required. Besides, 5 years or longer experience in this field is also essential.

The accountant would be mainly responsible for daily reconciliation, maintaining interest and setting on loans. Other duties include overseeing reconciliation of multiple bank accounts and identifying weak areas of cash flows.

Further Information about This Job


Financial Analyst

This job requires relevant experience. As you will be asked to analyze financial data, a Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Accounting as well as excellent analytical skills are necessary. In order to cooperate with peers and make the report to internal customers successful and smooth, great communication skills are also needed.

You will be responsible for developing and preparing reports and analysis. Plus, preparing monthly financial forecast would be a part of your job. It would be highly appreciated if you have experience in mortgage industry.

Detailed Information about This Position


If you tend to be more interested in the field of Information Technology, there are a number of opportunities for you as well. Just take your time and find the most suitable job.

Net Developer

The Quicken Loans has openings for Net Developers in both Livonia and Detroit, Michigan. The Net Developer would play an important role in solving technical issues the company facing with. As a result, two or three years programming experience and proficient skills of general software are required. Be able to build ASP.NET applications and test software lifecycle.

Experience of group work would be highly appreciated. Quick understanding and action of new projects are desired. Also, ability to finish your work before the deadlines is needed.

Job Openings related to Information Technology


For those with great personality and excellent communication skills, jobs for Client Relations would be good choices. If you live in Livonia, Michigan or just appreciate a job in this city, then the Quicken Loans definitely offers you an opportunity.

Client Advocate

This position requires answering calls as well as emails every single day. Dealing with various complaints from different customers and giving clients an exceptional perception of Quicken Loans are also part of responsibilities. The client advocate should be able to provide clients with information they need and do not make any of them upset. Ability to solve problems quickly and answer inquiries successfully is desired.

Be capable of keeping upset clients cool and delivering bad news in a comfortable and acceptable way. Learn fast and be familiar with Quicken Loans' products and services. The Quicken Loans also requires their client advocates talking to significant clients and answering various inquiries throughout the day.

Job Description and Responsibilities of This Job


Quicken Loans Arena Parking Information

Referred to as simply the "Q", Quicken Loans Arena was known for Gund Arena. It is a premier sports and entertainment facility in Cleveland. Being the home to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, the Lake Erie Monsters hockey team and the Cleveland Gladiators Arena football team, the "Q" hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Are you a fan of these teams? Do you hardly wait to watch a match at the arena? It is time for action. Quicken Loans Arena will host a full schedule of events in 2011. To get to know these events and games, click here:

Quicken Loans Arena Events and Games in 2011


Where is the Quicken Loans Arena located? The "Q" is seated at 1 Center Court Cleveland, just 0.25 miles from all major freeways. With two levels of seating, it is accessible from the main concourse by covered bridges or elevators.

To get to the "Q", you can take public transportation or drive by yourself. If you prefer to drive to the arena, you may need to know the info about its parking.

Where to park your car? Quicken Loans Arena owns two on-site parking garages: the Gateway North Garage and Gateway East Garage. They are located on the Gateway complex. There are covered walkways connecting the garages and the "Q".

With manifold passenger elevators, each parking garage provides easy access to the facility at ground level. You also can go into the facility directly through the connecting walkways. The walkways can be accessible from elevators in both parking decks off Level 3. For visitors who enter the facility via bridges, event tickets are required to present.

These two parking lots can accommodate 3300 cars. There are limited designated parking spaces to hold vehicles with the appropriate international handicap access signs in each parking lot. The Gateway East parking garage also provides a limited number of parking spots for vans (under 9′6″). These parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Furthermore, there is a variety of surface parking lots that can hold more than 17,000 cars. These parking lots are located in close proximity to the arena within a 5-to-10 minute walk. The parking rates for the closet lots or covered garages may be $10 to $12. If the parking lots are two or three blocks away, the fees are much cheaper, sometimes even half of that.

If you go very early to the game, you don't need to worry about the parking problem. Most parking lots are open for 24 hours a day. Metered parking is also available on the streets. But some metered parking may not be available on game days. So figure out your parking solution as early as possible.

Nothing would be more convenient and affordable than taking the RTA to the Quicken Loans Arena. RTA provides services to the "Q" from anywhere in Cuyahoga County by bus or speedy transit. To get more info about RTA, dial (216) 621-9500 or click here:

RTA Routes, Schedules and More


You also can park your car at RTA's rail station and then take the RTA to the "Q". There are more than 7000 free parking spaces at RTA's different stations. RTA services guarantee that you'll be in your seats before the sun rises. After the event, the trains will be ready for your trip back home. Departure times of these trains will be determined based on the length of the event.

Quicken Loans Arena Address, Maps and Directions Information

Once known as Gund Arena, Quicken Loans Arena is a multipurpose arena that is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Sports fans could never miss the arena since it is now home to several Cleveland teams, including the AFL's Cleveland Gladiators, NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, AHL's Lake Erie Monsters, and the Mid-American Conference Basketball Tournaments. You can also watch part of the first and second rounds of the 2011 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.

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There's much more for you when visiting Quicken Loans Arena. You can have a whole entertainment experience at the arena: spectacular family shows, signature sporting events, hottest concerts and more. You can enjoy excellent dining and premier shopping at the arena. Well, are you tempted to pay a visit to this irresistible arena?

Where is the "Q" situated? This stunning arena is located in downtown Cleveland. The mailing address for this great arena is Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC, One Center Court, Cleveland, Ohio, 44115-4001. The available telephone number is 800-820-2287.

Quicken Loans Arena has a capacity of 20,562 seats and more than half of these are in the "lower bowl". The arena has five levels for different purposes. Level 1 is the event level. Key Private Bank Court Club and Mercedes Benz Platinum Lounge are located here. Level 2 is used for founders room, suits and banquet and meeting rooms. Level 3 is the main concourse. You can find the VIP club, suits, Bridges restaurant and Gateway Garage walkways on level 4. Upper concourse and business offices are situated on level 5.

Map for Concourse, Entrances and Parking Garages at Quicken Loans Arena


Map for the Arena and Surrounding Landmarks


Map of the Seating Charts at the Arena


How to get to Quicken Loans Arena? As the arena is in the downtown area, convenient transportation is available for tourists. And the arena is easily accessible through many freeways since Quicken Loans Arena sits only 1/4 mile from major airways.

1) If you choose to drive to the "Q", self-driving directions should top your preparation list. The most convenient way is to use GPS devices to direct you to the arena quickly and effectively. If not, the following driving directions can be useful for your tours.

If you are driving from the east, you need to drive along I-90/Rt. 2 West. Then you can follow the signs to downtown Cleveland. Stay on Rt. 2 and take exit at E. 9th Street. Turn left on E. 9th Street. Proceed south to arena parking.

When driving from the south, you should drive on I-77 North and take exit at E. 9th Street. Obvious road signs will direct you to either Ontario Street north or E. 9th Street south. Then you will see the arena parking.

When coming from the west, you need to drive along I-90 East and take exit at Ontario Street. Continue to drive north on Ontario Street. You will see the Quicken Loans Arena at the corner of Ontario Street and Huron Road.

Visitors driving from the southwest can take either I-71 North or I-90 East until coming to the Inner Belt merge. Proceed on Inner Belt. You can choose to drive to Ontario Street or E. 9th Street. Then you should take exit right onto Ontario Street North or E. 9th Street South to the arena parking.

When driving from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, you may drive along I-71 North to the intersection with Ontario Street. Take exit at Ontario Street and drive northbound on the street. Quicken Loans Arena will be at the corner of Huron Road and Ontario Street.

2) RTA provides convenient and affordable service for tourists to Quicken Loans Arena. Both RTA bus and rapid transit can take you to the arena from all parts of Cuyahoga County. You can get the most current RTA routes, schedules and services by phone 216-621-9500. You can also visit the official website of RTA: www.riderta.com.

Another benefit for taking RTA's rail and bus service is the RTA Walkway. The starting point for the walkway is the Tower City Center food court and the lobby of Quicken Loans Arena is the ending point. You can have easy access to the arena via the walkway from the Public Square. You may be glad to hear that the walkway is open two hours in advance before an event and the walkway will not be closed in 90 minutes after the event ends.

3) Out-of-town tourists may come to Cleveland by air. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport provides passengers convenient and quality flight services. The airport is just 12 miles away from the downtown area of Cleveland. Various transportation methods are available for passengers to travel to downtown Cleveland, including the Quicken Loans Arena. Public transit, taxis, rental cars and limos & shuttle are all available for passengers.

Transportation at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport


4) Taxi service can be perfect for you to travel to anywhere in Cleveland. The Quicken Loans Arena can be reached easily by any taxi. You can find a variety of taxi service on many websites, like citysearch and yellowpages.

Taxi Service in Cleveland, OH


Premier Sports & Entertainment Facility: Ways on Getting the Most of Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland

Quicken Loans Arena in Cleaveland is a multipurpose sports and entertainment facility located in the downtown area of the city. It is one of the premier sports and entertainment arena in the whole of Ohio, United States. It is often referred to as simply 'Q'. The arena got its present name in August 2005. Prior to that it was known as Gund Arena. It got its name from the former owner of the Cavaliers - Gordon Gund who paid for the naming rights of the same.

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Quicken Loans Arena is the homeground of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, the Cleveland Gladiators of the AFL, the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL and the Mid-American Conference Basketball Tournaments. Apart from these professional sports teams, Q has also been home to the Mid-American Conference's men's basketball tournament since 2000.

There are a total of 20,562 seats for basketball in the Quicken Loans Arena. This includes 2,000 club seats and 92 luxury suites. The MAC women's basketball tournament has also been taking place in this ground since the year 2001. These tournaments are a major crowd puller and are more popularly known as 'MAC Madness'. These draw much more than 10,000-15,000 attendees that buy tickets for the men's semifinal and championship games

Apart from the sports events, Quicken Loans Arena is a popular venue for concerts. Some of the top musicians in the country such as Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, The Rolling Stones and Queen and Paul Rodgers have given spell binding performances at the Q.

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