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It is real pleasure to be in a city like Cleveland with many fine restaurants. Some of the restaurants that befit the environment of the city perfectly are Pearl of the Orient, Gamekeeper's tavern, Fire, and Aladdin's Fattery. All these restaurants offer excellent food and beverages. At the same time some of them are real wonderful place for lunch and the waiter services is one of the best in the city. For more tips and advice on a shopping tour to Cleveland city, read our original travel articles and restaurant guide.
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Restaurants In Cleveland

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Must-try Amazing Restaurants in Cleveland: For a Full Taste of Cleveland

Cleveland has a great mix of foods and cuisines that you can check out when you are in this city. From continental to the classic American or even Arabian, you can get the best taste of this city in all these restaurants of Cleveland. There are a number of hotels in downtown and in other areas that you can check out when you are in Cleveland.

Depending on the choice of food that you want to have, you can select which restaurant that you want to go to. One of the best ways that you can get a feel of what the best restaurants serve and are all about is by following the numerous best restaurant charters that are published for Cleveland.

From Spanish cuisine even Indian food, all such restaurants are present in the downtown area of Cleveland. The most famous Spanish restaurant in this city is the 'Mallorca' which serves authentic Spanish food like lamb shanks with rioja wine which is a staple for the Spanish cuisine. Then there are restaurants like India Garden which serve authentic Indian cuisine in this city.

If you are looking at something which is more traditional American here then there also the Hard Rock Cafe which serves the most authentic local spread in this city. Other than that, there also the Crop Bistro and Bar which is in the warehouse district and serves old world authentic American cuisine. There are other places like the Chili's grill and bar and Rascal House Pizza which is really popular among the locals.

Taste Exotic France: Guide on Getting Best French Restaurants in Cleveland

To get the French touch on your palate Cleveland now has great French restaurants to offer. These restaurants will serve you authentic mouth watering buttery French cuisine on your platter.

Some of the best French restaurants in Cleveland are the Chez Francois, South Market Bistro and the John Palmer's Restaurant.

List Best French Restaurant in Cleveland

French food at the Chez Francois is a gala event with drinks at Touche and then an exotic dinner at the Parisian Room. You also have the option of the Riverfront Cafe for a non formal occasion.

Chez Francois

L'Albatros Brasserie and Bar is another favorite amongst the French Dining places in Cleveland. The place has an annual Cigar and Cognac Tasting Occasion in the month of July.

The menu here also contains an assorted collection of cheese that is the trademark of the French food along with butter.

L'Albatros Brassiere

To set the temperature to the French climate we have the Fahrenheit French restaurant at the Historic Tremont. The Kobe Beef short ribs are a great hit amongst those who regularly dine here.

The restaurant has flourished under the guidance of the chef Rocco Whalen since its opening nine years back. The wine collection here is one of the best in Cleveland. It is half priced every Monday.

Fahrenheit Restaurant

For those who love basic French food like marinated mushrooms and house cured olives then Light Bistro at Bridge Avenue is the place to dine.

The simplicity and ambience of this place shall transport you to the cafes on the streets of Paris.

Light Bistro French Restaurant