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Among the many landmarks in Cleveland is the Terminal Tower, which is located in downtown Cleveland's Public Square area. Opened in 1930, it was the world's second tallest building at that time. The tower has a height of 708 feet and has the 577,000 square feet of floor area. Lit in the golden light at night, the tower becomes a center of attraction for the tourists. The tower is used as office space provider to different enterprises. Get more facts about the Terminal Tower and other skyscrapers in Cleveland from our travel articles.
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Secret Tips: How to Quickly Get Monthly and Special Event Parking at Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower is the notable building located in Cleveland, Ohio. The Terminal Tower is a landmark skyscraper which is located on the Public square. The tower was the second largest building in the world when its construction was completed. The Cleveland Terminal Tower was established in the year 1930.

The Terminal Tower is one of the most visited attractions in Cleveland. The guest can view the city on the top of the Terminal Tower. The observation deck of the Terminal Tower will provide a panoramic view of the city. the observation deck was closed since 2001 because of the terrorist attack.

The Terminal Tower observation deck is now open for the public during the weekends. The tower is always crowded by people to view the city from the observation deck. There are parking facilities available in Terminal Tower for the convenience of the guest who gather to the tower to see the city from the top of the tower.

There are reserved and non reserved parking facilities available in the Terminal Tower. The tower provides affordable, comfort and easily accessible parking for the guest. The monthly parking rates for the reserved and non reserved space are $215 per month and $180 per month respectively.

The special event parking information will be provided while reserving the venue for the occasion. The rates and facilities will get differ according to the type and size of the event. The people who reach the tower prior to the timing of the observation deck will get best place for their vehicle.

Quick Facts About Terminal Tower And Other Must-See Attractions In Cleveland

Cleveland has a number of exquisite sights for all its visitors to Marvel. While there visitors can get to the various sights using the best transport links and satisfy their curiosity. Guests in Cleveland will be treated to a variety of attractions such as landmarks, nightlife and shopping. They might as well get to the various events and festivities that are available throughout the year. Some of the must-see attractions include the following.

Terminal Tower


History of the Terminal Tower


Built in the skyscraper boom of the 1920's and 1930's, the Terminal Tower is located on Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio. It has an observation deck which was used as an overlook and a tourist attraction but was later closed down after the 9/11 attacks but is now open for the public only on weekends after it was renovated. The Terminal Tower has a golden light at night and is also lit with different colors as per the season of the year offering a spectacular view.



Cleveland is the home of various museums which are a must see attraction. The Cleveland Museum of Art has a number of permanent collections of arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art is the home of various modern arts in America and has a number of contemporary artwork by avant-garde artists.



Cleveland has a variety of diverse sport and a number of fields. The Cleveland Indians are one of the franchises in Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Browns are also another famous NFL teams and has a large number of passionate fans. The City is also represented in the NBA by the Cavaliers led by Lebron James. Guests can view some of their games and even have a tour of their playing fields. This makes the City a number one stop for sports lovers.