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Cleveland offers a pleasant climate as well as warm temperatures in summer. July and August are the hottest months with maximum day time temperature ranging around 82 degrees Fahrenheit and 28 degrees Celsius. Night temperature often drops to 60 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month there when temperature can go down to -1 degree Celsius. Heavy snowfall occurs during this time. Spring is warm and wet while the autumn is pleasant with warm and sunny days. Going through our travel articles will help you with all necessary information on the weather in Cleveland and make your trip there extremely enjoyable.
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Weather Guide to Cleveland: Good and Bad Months to Travel There

Cleveland has a continental type of climate. This means that there is a large change in the weather patterns all throughout the year with a wide variation in the mean temperatures as well as precipitation or rainfall patterns. Hence if you are planning a vacation to Cleveland, it is best to understand the common weather patterns to ensure that you have a pleasant visit.

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The summer months especially June, July, August, and September are very warm as well as humid in Cleveland. This time of the year, the average temperatures usually soar up to 22.2 °C with high humidity. However, the rainfall is low, usually measuring up to 3.5 inches on an average. This makes the summer and the fall time the best times to visit Cleveland.

At this time of the year, you can easily travel across the city to the numerous attractions dotted all over like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Steamship Mather Museum, and the Great Lakes Science Center to name a few. During this time of the year, there are many festivals like the Cleveland Feast of Assumption Festival that is held around August 15 every year.

The winter months of the year, especially December, January, and February sees very cold times and low temperatures, coupled with frequent snow storms. At this time of the year, the mean temperatures are as low as 0.33 °C with an average snowfall of 16.8 inches. However, the silver lining is that the accommodation and the hotel rates are as low as the temperatures and you are bound to get great discount packages then.

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Different Activities For Different Times: Tips On Sightseeing To Cleveland Under Various Weather Conditions

Cleveland is the capital of the state of Ohio in the United States. It is a prime destination that offers a range of activities to the traveler in different weather conditions of Cleveland. Once one is in this city there are a lot of things to do with no restrictions from changes in weather. The technological advancement of meteorology has enabled a daily and hourly weather forecast for Cleveland from space, which monitors daily temperature changes, visibility on the roads and the potentiality of storms and rain.

Information about the wind speed and sunny conditions for all seasons is also made readily available. The best times to visit the city climatic-wise is during Spring and Autumn when temperatures are mild, also neither too hot nor too cold. Temperatures from June to October average at highs of 25 degrees Celsius and lows of 14 degrees Celsius which are relatively good temperatures for active vacations.

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There are various activities for all seasons in Cleveland, including visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art that houses finesse in art from all civilizations, and the Christmas Story House for exotic movie and cultural enthusiasts. The Cleveland Botanical Garden on the other hand offers a sightseeing experience especially in the winter. The Great lakes Science Center is a good attraction especially during Summer for an unforgettable view of the lake.

Cleveland weather has been attributed to continuous change at any moment, which has seen the setting up of many meteorological stations to monitor the North East region of Ohio where the city lies. These reports are updated every minute.

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