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Visiting Cleveland for first time? Naturally weather at your destination would be one of your major concerns. For enjoying your visit to the city perfectly you should choose the summer or autumn when the weather is warm and pleasant. On the other hand for skiing and ice skating, the winter would be the perfect season. While there are official and unofficial websites that will offer the daily weather information, you may require periodical information as well. Our informative guide and travel articles will provide you with comprehensive overview of the weather in Cleveland enabling you to choose the right time and location to visit the city.
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Things to Know Before Planning Your Tour: Local Weather, Transportation Options and Taboos in Cleveland

Cleveland is a beautiful city to visit at select times of the year. It all boils down to what climate suits you.

Now it you love summer, and like to laze in the sun to make your body much tanner, then you may tour Cleveland during summer.

Summers are hot in Cleveland with temperatures reaching as high as 28 degrees centigrade while winters are cooler, which is not the ideal time to visit the city.

Spring is usually wet and warm and it could somewhat be humid, which is again not the ideal season from the tourist's point of view.

Talk of autumn and it is perhaps the most ideal season to tour destinations in Cleveland city.

Weather in Cleveland city

When you talk of transportation in Cleveland city, you are talking about more than 100 bus routes available for the local and the tourists.

There are busses which run 24 hours a day, while few run only during rush hours. Rapid transit lines run busses from 4 in the morning to 12 at midnight.

Rail system is also a popular mode of transportation. You could catch trains from the Hopkins international airport to go though the city to Cleveland east.

Transportation in Cleveland city

The city of Cleveland has its own share of taboos. If you want to know about the sexual taboos of Cleveland city, go through the links below.

Sexual taboos of Cleveland

Best Season to Visit Cleveland: Info on Weather & Big Events in Cleveland

The recently renovated Cleveland with its dazzling shopping malls, shackles of historic museums, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lake Science Center, pledges to be one of the most attractive and pleasant places to visit in the state of Ohio.

If you're planning your next vacation trip to Cleveland, then it is important that you do a thorough homework city weather. Cleveland weather, like most of the Midwestern cities, is changeable round the year.

The city enjoys a moderate precipitation throughout the year; heat waves make summers hot and humid and winters are unbearably cold. With the footfall of the spring, Cleveland weather gets too very unpredictable; it's either cloudy or chilly or rainy.

Cleveland Weather Info

Fall is the best season to visit Cleveland. Temperature and the overall weather conditions continue to be excellent till the end of October which in turn is great for outdoor entertainments, recreation and travelling. Summer is also a good time with accommodation prices shooting up in the months of July and August.

Best Time to Visit Cleveland

Not just the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Great Lake Science Center, Cleveland is also an bode to some of the biggest events hosted in Northeast Ohio.

The National City Home and Garden Show, hosted every February in Cleveland's I-X Center, is one of the most popular shows of North America. Add to this the Winter Festivals, the Skating Championships, Cleveland Summer Festivals and also the Cleveland Boat and Waterfront Lifestyle Expo.

Info on Big Events hosted in Cleveland

These are some of the hard-to-get-ticket-events hosted in Cleveland. Cleveland event tickets and passes are available in a number of websites, or you can also contact your travel agent for the same.

Cleveland Event Tickets Online