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Lake Erie contributes to a large measure in keeping Cleveland climatically affable to her residents as well as visitors almost throughout the year. The breeze from the lake makes the summer benign and during the winter season, a little warmth spreads throughout the city. That said, some thunderstorm and tornado activities are inescapable. Spring and fall are moderate and winters are often accompanied by overcast skies.

The day time during July and August which marks the summer in Cleveland are typically humid and hot but the evenings turn comfortable with cool breezes from the lake. During September and October, the sun is warm in Cleveland and early in November the average temperature shifts to the 60 degrees level. Winter temperatures hover around the 30 degree mark, but the lake breezes will help check the chillness in the weather.

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Spring in Cleveland can be tricky. The mornings start off on a sunny note, but the sky becomes overcast towards the afternoons. The temperatures pegs around the 50 degree mark during this period.

Even with all those variants, summer is the busiest season in Cleveland. Plenty of festivals, sporting events, outdoor cafes, farmers' markets all are arrayed for the large number of travelers who arrive here during this time frame. Obviously you should expect services from the hospitality to be priced at peak levels during this time frame.

Cleveland offers a wide range of attractions to her visitors. Topping the list are the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame which is a treasure trove for music memorabilia. The Cleveland Museum of Art is among the largest museums in the nation and the only one to offer free admission to its permanent collections. The Great Lake Science center is another important attraction to be included in your not to be missed list and particularly so if your are traveling with young children.

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