The charming neighborhoods of Cleveland are perhaps the best kept secret of this large metropolis which is presently going through a major revitalization effort. In spite of the large scale industrialization followed by a significant transition into multifaceted economy, the Cleveland's ethnic neighborhoods have succeeded in retaining much of the cultural background of the Old World order. Visitors can instantly experience this phenomenon in different aspects of daily life whether it is food or festivals.

The diverse neighborhoods of Cleveland skillfully blend indie theaters, art galleries, blue-collar watering holes, and gastro pubs. Since it is difficult to give you a vivid picture of Cleveland's neighborhoods within a short space as this, we have provided a number of web links on this page to enhance your knowledge on this aspect. A Cleveland travel guide is another convenient resource point to gather information on Cleveland neighborhoods.

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Cleveland neighborhoods can be easily understood under 3 different categories - The Downtown districts, the Historic neighborhoods, and he emerging neighborhoods. Under each of these categories there are different districts or other forms of demarcations.

The historic Warehouse district, Gateway district, Entertainment district, Playhouse Square district, North Coast harbor district, Tower city districts and The Flats fall under the Downtown districts. Historic neighborhoods is represented by Little Italy, Ohio City, Shaker heights/shaker square, St.Clair/Superior, Tremont, University circle, and Coventry village. The Emerging neighborhoods comprise of Cudell/Edgewater, Detroit shoreway, Fairfax, Glenville, Kamm's corners, North east shores, and Westown.

Travelers who have specific on a particular neighborhood should use web pages on Cleveland travel guide to understand more.

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