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Cleveland offers a vibrant nightlife scene which is diverse and varied. Each neighborhood offers a different scene, but you are sure to find what you aspire for when you travel Cleveland.

The Warehouse District is home for plenty of where a number of Victorian Era Brick warehouses have been rehabilitated as loft apartments in tune with modern times. Some of them are contemporary clubs and even restaurants. Spy Bar, Velvet Dog, Far Flyy are some of the popular spots to shake your legs. Liquid, D'Vine Wine Bar, Mercury Lounge and the like are places to choose when you plan to spend time with friends with some fine cocktails filling the time. The Little Bar on Frankfort avenue

can be the best option to soak in energy without drilling a hole through your wallet. The late night kitchen at the bar will add to your experience.

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The Gateway District should be the choice for entertainment venues when you travel to Cleveland, Ohio. The East Fourth Street presents all that you will need to experience Cleveland's eclectic nature.

The W 25th street, Bier Market is ideal for foodies who also love the multicultural environment and good beer. Experience the famous micro breweries of Cleveland, Irish Pub, contemporary eateries, and the rustic environment.

Prosperity Club in Tremont belongs to the 1930s and is considered a good hangout particularly for those who want to pick up an acquaintance with some of the night birds of Cleveland neighborhoods. The club is frequented by people from different walks of life from actors/musicians to cabbies and the 'after dinner' people. For music and drinks, the club provides a great atmosphere.

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