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Though the Old Stone Church was born in Cleveland in June 1819, it was formally incorporated only in 1827 as the First Presbyterian society. The popular name of the Church, the 'Old Stone Church' came only later. A gallery in the church interiors was suspended using iron rods. This also represented the first use of iron in any public structure in Cleveland. The Church site was bought for $400 and the construction was accomplished at a cost of $9500. The rough hammered sandstone used in construction of the church also resulted in the church being recognized as the 'stone church'.

By 1853, the congregation the church outgrew the space available leading to demolition of the existing structure to make way for a new and larger edifice. The new Church also employed native sandstone in the construction. Four years later, in 1857 the church suffered serious damages from a massive fire. However, lesser impact on the walls and money from the insurance helped in quick restoration of the church. The Church was again open to public in January, 1858. But, misfortune struck the church again in 1884 and this time a more disastrous fire originating from a neighborhood theater and spreading its tale of destruction to all that it purveyed.

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The second fire also perhaps brought along what was perceived to be some bad omens with several of the trustees dying just prior to or immediately after the fire. Series of deliberations followed to consider shifting the Church to a new site. At the end, however, it was decided to reconstruct the church at the same site. The restoration work was quick and the church was again dedicated in October, 1884.

When you travel to Cleveland today, it is the restored church that you will be visiting as the 'Old Stone Church'. Between 1884 and the present times, the church has undergone several embellishments, additions, renovations and modernizations. What is important however, is that in spite of repeated and serious threats to its very existence, God's will prevailed and the 'Old Stone Church' continues its existence in the center of Cleveland City. When you consider Cleveland travel deals, do not forget to look for this magnificent church.

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Old Stone Church Address
91 Public Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Tel: (216) 241-6145 Fax: (216) 241-6149
Email: mark@oldstonechurch.org

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Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Website: http://www.oldstonechurch.org

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