With a population in excess of 478,000 you should expect parking to be a hassle during your Cleveland travel. However, the intention is just to put you on caution and with some advance planning it need not be an overwhelming task. Adequate parking lots exist throughout the city as well as at the airport.

Within the city parking can cost you anywhere from $1 to $16 per day depending on the spots you choose to park and how far you are willing to foot it down. At some places like the Tower City and the Galleria visitors also benefit from special parking rates.

The timing of your Cleveland Ohio travel also determines the amount of parking worries you will have. At a time when Cleveland is hosting major sporting or music events, you should expect thousands of people to be driving into the city from the neighborhoods choking up most parking lots available, particularly those closer to the event venue.

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Reserving a suitable parking lot in advance will work to your advantage when you are scheduled to visit Cleveland on those busy days in particular.

At the Cleveland airport, passengers have multiple parking facilities. Your parking can be reserved online which means you spend lesser time waiting for the slot. Upon return to Cleveland also you would be on the move in quick time with the airport shuttle catering to movements from the terminals to the parking lots and vice versa.

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