Business Tour & Hotels in Cleveland
Select Cleveland hotels provide world class business amenities to business travelers visiting Cleveland. Many of these hotels are proximate to the Cleveland airport. Sheraton Obm business center, Embassy Suites, Cleveland Downtown are among your options.
Find Cleveland Hotels by Location
Like in many other American Cities, Downtown Cleveland offers a wide range of lodging options. Travelers who have a focus on specific areas of the metropolis can find convenient hotels using Google maps.
Cleveland Cheap Lodging Choices
Most of the budget hotels in Cleveland are on the outer periphery of the metropolitan area. Motel 6 Cleveland Middleburg Heights and Studioplus Cleveland Middleburg Heights are among the most affordable hotels in Cleveland.
Things to Do in Cleveland
The Terminal Tower, Hope Memorial Bridge, Key Tower, Church Square, a series of museums, The Lake Erie with miles of shoreline and all the alluring parks adorning the city like an Emerald necklace around it makes up the top of the list of Things to do in Cleveland.
Save on Travel in Cleveland
Choosing hostels instead of hotels and preferring the local restaurants instead of the plush national or international chains can save a neat pile of dollars. Travel discount cards and free visiting hours in some of the attractions will ensure that you spend lesser. The wise thing for students will be to be armed with an International student ID card.
Be A Local in Cleveland
Engage in some people watching, be at the local restaurants and bars, spend more time walking rather than driving around and you are sure to feel the pulse of the locals. Often times it helps to be reckoned as a local rather than a stranger.
Luxury Hotels & Vacation Resorts in Cleveland
Elite visitors to Cleveland can comfortably find a wide array of luxury hotels in Cleveland which offer world class amenities to business as well as leisure travelers. Ritz Carlton Cleveland, Intercontinental hotel, and Baricelli Inn merit your attention.
Get A Home in Cleveland
At the beginning of 2010 Cleveland is still going through sharp negative swings in home prices. On an YoY basis, prices have shown a decline of 4 to 15%. Availability is plenty and conditions are considered more than favorable for getting a home in Cleveland.
Cleveland Downtown Shopping and Nightlife
Downtown Cleveland is home for the renowned Rock n Roll Hall of fame. Visitors can explore a wide range of attractions, shop at some of the finest malls and enjoy a vibrant night life. Accommodation options are also as diverse as the city itself is.
Spend A Holiday in Cleveland
Focus on the Lake Erie and you are sure to have a great holiday in Cleveland. This is the singular destination where you can burn all your energies or simply enjoy a laid back holiday doing holy nothing!
Cleveland City Info
Cleveland is a densely populated county as per American standards. The summers are warm and humid while the winters are snowy and cold. African Americans constitute the major percentage of Cleveland population.
Universities :: Hotels of Cleveland
Visitors arriving in Cleveland with a focus on the University can find diverse range of lodging options in the immediate vicinity of the University. Most of the options are close to each other making it more convenient for you. University Hotel&Suites, Comfort Inn, Downtown are among your options.
Cleveland Parks and Outdoor Recreation
The Rockefeller Park, Nature Center at Shaker lakes, and the Cleveland Metroparks zoo are on top of the outdoor recreation and parks list of Cleveland. Super 8 Beachwood, Intercontinental hotels, Cleveland are among your accommodation options.
Cleveland Travel Tips
Cleveland is among the poorest of American cities but there is a whole lot of emphasis on tourism and the way it can impact the economy. Hard bargains can potentially get you splendid results but you should understand where the lines are drawn.
Cleveland Landmarks and Lodgings Nearby
Cleveland is well known for her historic land marks. Public Square, Terminal Tower, Rockefeller Park, and West side market only makes a partial list. Hotels closer to the airport are ideal for exploring these landmarks.
Stay around Museums in Cleveland
Cleveland offers a diverse range of museums for the locals as well as visitors to explore. Visitors can choose comfortable lodging closer to the Euclid Ave. or Cleveland heights to focus on the museums. Lake Erie Lodge, and Glidden House Inn are among your options.
Cleveland Theaters :: Hotels
Cleveland offers a slew of theaters focusing on performing arts as well as cinemas. Though fewer in numbers, East Cleveland hotels are more convenient for visitors to explore the different theaters. The Cleveland Motel and Noble Motel are among your options.
Cleveland Transport
The Rapid representing high speed trains is the most convenient way to get around Cleveland. For routes not serviced by the Rapid, take the GRTA buses. For visitors the Euclid Corridor project which is again a train service is immensely beneficial.