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Cleveland Browns Stadium has come a long way from its 1946 origins and the Cleveland Municipal Stadium where they began. In modern times this stadium has been enhanced to bring in conveniences and amenities that the present day users and visitors seek. The Stadium also aligns well with prestigious neighbors such as the Great Lakes Science Center and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While at the stadium you can enjoy an alluring view of Cleveland's downtown skyline and if you happen to be there in the later hours of the evening you are also treated to some of the most modern lighting that a modern stadium can be proud of.

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On a packed day, the stadium will hold 73,200 people and that means hotels in the immediate vicinity of the stadium too will be brimming with customers. If you have drawn up an itinerary to be in Cleveland to be among the fans for one of the fixtures at the Browns Stadium, your hotel reservations should be obtained well in advance.

With adequate advance planning, there is no cause for worry since Cleveland offers a wide range of accommodation options within striking distance from the stadium. To enhance your experience lodging prices in Cleveland are also among the lowest for a city of its size and importance.

Budget travelers can also consider hotels closer to the Hopkins International Airport. Traditionally, these hotels tend to be cheaper than those near the City Center or Public Square. Since Cleveland offers excellent public transport facility both by light rail as well as metro buses, getting to the stadium and back will not be a challenge.

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