Professional Guide to Securing the Best Car Rental Rates in Cleveland

If you thought that finding a car rental is as easy as scouring through some websites and a few mouse clicks, you couldn't be farther from truth. Car rentals Cleveland in most destinations have their own typical business strategy and it helps to get a good grasp of these before you go for the 'buy' button.

Across the nation, renting a car from the airport is often fraught with the risk of stiff add ons. In Cleveland you will be paying as much as $20 plus per day as additional airport taxes and this is also the highest in the nation. Off the airport, you can save on these and may be even use that money for a bigger car when needed.

Cleveland car rentals and taxis

Cleveland car rental for the budget traveler

Websites often display just the bare base rates and the actual amount you end up paying can be pretty much distanced from what you 'thought' is due. Baltimore or Brisbane, Columbus or Cleveland, businesses have their own methods of adding taxes. In some places you may even run into bizarre terms such as 'arena fee' or 'vehicle license fee'.

Another method by which you can beat the rental companies in their own game is by booking the smallest possible car. You will obviously be contracting at the least possible prices because of the small size. But, rental companies often have fewer small cars and when you report to pick up your car, the small car you reserved is just not available. The car rental is then obliged to offer you a bigger car albeit at the price of a small car. And, in most parts of America, this strategy works. Isn't that a nice little game plan?

Pitching for car rentals off the airport is thus a sure shot way to save precious dollars.

More options on Cleveland car rentals—destin/cleveland-oh.html

Cleveland airport car rentals

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