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Home for American League, and Cleveland Indians, the Progressive Field is a ball park in the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio. It also represents a part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, in association with the Quicken Loans Arena. During your Cleveland travel, you will enjoy more than just sports at this field.

Informally, the ball park is referred to as The Jake which is derived from its original name Jacobs Field by which name it was known since the inaugural season in 1994. In 2008, Jacobs Field was changed to Progressive Field. An interesting fact about the progressive field is that much of the financing was achieved through a sin tax on cigarette and alcohol approved in 1990 by the Cuyahoga Country for a period of 15 years.

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This facility currently has a seating capacity of 43,345. The progressive filed also enjoys the unique distinction of housing the largest video display at a sports venue anywhere in the world when Daktronics of South Dakota installed the system in 2004. In the same year Batter's Eye Bar the center field dining area.

It was only in January, 2008 that the Progressive Corporation which is an insurance company with its headquarters in Mayfield Village bought the naming rights to the field. As a result the Jacob Field sign was removed on January 18, 2008 and replaced with the Progressive sign on March 25, 2008. Progressive holds the naming rights for 16 years at an agreed cost of $57.6 million.

Moving sideways from sports, the Progressive field also offers lunch buffet on every non game Friday throughout the year. The spread includes an array of gourmet dishes and choice desserts which are exclusive to the Progressive Field. The price of $11.0 per person currently, makes it even more attractive though the Terrace club with its unique atmosphere is reason enough to be there during your Cleveland travel.

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2401 Ontario St
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Tel: (216) 420-4200
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The price range is depending on different games.
For details you can call (216) 420-4200.

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