The Union terminal is synonymous with Cleveland Railroad. During World War II, the Union terminal played a pivotal role in transporting large number of people to Cleveland with over 60 passenger trains operating from this terminal every day. The Rapid line of Shaker Hts. further complimented these traffic volumes. However, things changed dramatically in the post war era with the interstate highways that were blessed with federal subsidy. Automobile transport became dominant during this period by 1950 even the once popular train MERCURY faded into memory.

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The automobile revolution was soon followed by a steep increase in air traffic rendering most of the rail roads unviable on a commercial scale. The federal government stepped in and Amtrak was born in May, 1971. At that time, Cleveland was left with a solitary passenger train running between Chicago and New York. In 1972 Amtrak too left the Union terminal to a temporary building. In later years the Union terminal was converted into a commercial complex and christened as "Terminal Tower". During subsequent evolution, the name was again changed to "Tower City Center". The "Union Terminal" of yesteryears now figures among the attractions for visitors who travel to Cleveland Ohio.

Cleveland Railroad thus has a long history experiencing dramatic changes over varying points in time. These changes affected not just the passenger travel but also the rail road industry. The fortunes of the railroad industry did not revive significantly in spite of a series of mergers and interregional systems. In modern times, Amtrak is the sole operator of long distance passenger trains from and to Cleveland. You can learn more about Cleveland Rail Road through the web links furnished on this page, or during your Cleveland Ohio travel.

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