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Cleveland enjoys a vibrant sports and culture scene with an impressive number of golf courses, water bodies and parks. The Monster Mini golf is another facility that draws a large number of visitors when they travel in Cleveland, Ohio. This facility is ideally suited for people of all ages and particularly so for people traveling with families. All kinds of Monsters can be found at the Monster Mini Golf, but they are not scary enough to drive away young children or meek adults.

The Mini golf facility also provides other forms of entertainment like Arcade Games, Pool Table and an assortment of games facilitating redemption of tickets. The DJ booth and Radio station at the venue will add to your experience.

The BMBW is a Snowboarding and Skating facility that should figure in all Cleveland travel deals. This facility can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, beginners as well as professionals. The surface is groomed every night so that you enjoy your snowboarding and skiing in pristine settings.

And, when you are interested in professional instructions in Snow Sports, check out the BMBW Snow Sports School. The school has been engaged in imparting snow sports education for more than 30years and has several hundred certified instructors at your service. For those who are regularly engaged in this form of sports and professionals, the school also offers short duration courses designed for different levels.

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For travelers looking for action right on the waters, the Lake Erie offers swimming, boating, kayaking, parasailing, canoeing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Head for the Metroparks Zoo if you are drawn towards wild life and all that it purveys.

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park in combination with the Meroparks Reservations offer 52,000 acres of relaxation and rest for the seekers. For the dare devil bikers, Northeast Ohio has over 275 miles of bike trails that can be explored in different ways. The web links provided on this page will augment the resources you find in your Cleveland travel deals.

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