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The Terminal Tower should be right on top of your itinerary when you travel Cleveland. Originally, the site of the Terminal tower was known as the Cleveland Union Terminal and served as a major rail transportation center for the Midwest.

With air travel becoming more popular for Ohio destinations and modern cars hitting the roads, the railway center in Cleveland started losing its prominence and soon ceased to function as a passenger station. People who administered the City of Cleveland were none too happy to see such a landmark facility being rendered idle and decided to revitalize the building and renovate it. The original Terminal tower was thus transformed in to a shopping center with other commercial ventures occupying the interior space.

Today, the Terminal tower is a landmark building at the end of downtown Cleveland and serves to define the Cleveland skyline. Once inside the building, visitors will enjoy beautiful fountains as well as the skylights. The lobby itself is ornate in character and has absorbing examples of internal beaux art. The greater complex which houses the Terminal Tower is christened as the Tower City and is popular with the locals as well as visitors for various local activities. The Tower has a number of office spaces, 2 AAA 4 diamond hotels, a wide range of shops, and a movie theater. The food court also offers a wide range of dining options and during the lunch hours, it is a popular spot among the locals.

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History of Terminal Tower


The lower levels of the tower hold a rapid transit commuter rail station. Most of the attractions in Cleveland can be easily accessed from the Tower city. The parking in the garage of the Tower City is relatively inexpensive and during busy days, many people find this facility very convenient and affordable.

When the Terminal Tower was built, it was the second largest building in the world. The observation deck on the Terminal Tower providing alluring view of Cleveland though the deck has now been closed for security concerns. With several other cities and even some nations successfully building bigger structures, over a period of time, the Terminal Tower could not retain its predominance as one of the tallest buildings in the region. Nevertheless, the importance has not been lost and you will find this attraction featuring in every Cleveland travel deals.

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