Tips on Finding Budget Hotels & Restaurants near the Cleveland Airport

Visitors looking for lodging options closer to the Hopkins International airport in Cleveland can rest assured of finding some of the cheapest options in town. Before exploring your options you should know that the Cleveland airport is distanced from the City Center by about 10 miles. However, an efficient public transport system is in place for the locals as well as visitors to Cleveland. The light rail and metro bus services can take you to the nook and corner of the city throughout the day and late in to the evenings.

As for the restaurants you will find a number of options in the Brookgate area which is by far closest to the airport and distanced by about 2 miles from the airport. Since a number of affordable lodging options are also available in the Brookgate area, you are assured of plenty of choices within walking distance from your hotel.

But, for visitors who are intent on a restaurant experience mixed with all the flurry of activity in the airport with aircrafts taking off and landing and all that, here is one that will provide you just that. Find a window seating and particularly so if you are traveling with family, you can enjoy both the food as well as the happenings around.

Choice restaurant inside the Hopkins International airport

Hotels/motels near the Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland

Most of the lodging options closer to the airport are distanced by about 4 miles from the airport which is pretty normal and understandable. Visitors have the ability to choose from a wide range of options with prices starting around the $35 mark per room night moving up to $150 per room night. Week end prices at some of the hotels tend to be expensive. Pitch around the $50 mark and you have a real deal on hand.

Budget hotels near Cleveland airport

Budget friendly restaurants in Cleveland

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