Trace Cleveland Indians History and Cherished Treasure Created by Cleveland Indians

Sports enthusiasts who visit Cleveland cannot return without learning about the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians are a world famous baseball team that calls this city home.

The Cleveland Indians belong to the Central Division of Major League Baseball's American League. It began in the year 1900 under the name The Lake Shores. At that time the American League was officially a fraction of the minor league.

The Cleveland Indians were formalized as a franchise fraction of the Major League in the year 1901. Ever since then they have gone on to earn a formidable reputation as one of the best playing teams in the history of the nation. The Cleveland Indians were awarded the World Series championship twice: the first being in the year 1920 and the next time was in the year 1948.

The mascot of the team is Chief Wahoo. Chief Wahoo is also presented in the logo of the team. Chief Wahoo is a Native American Cartoon. The name 'wahoo' comes from the expression/ word 'wahoo!' that expresses glee, excitement and jubilation.

Theough the mascot has met with some criticism and opposition from Native American tribes and spokesmen for reinforcing the stereotypes about 'Red Indians', the character continues to be loved and cherished and seen as a treasure of Cleveland culture by sports enthusiasts. The mascot has also earned the team the monikers "The Wahoos" as well as "The Tribe".

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