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The vacation rental scene in Cleveland is marginally different from most other sought after vacation destinations in America. In several other metropolitan areas, vacation rentals are generally independent homes in larger properties with plenty of greens and fresh air surrounding the facility. Travelers arriving in these cities with plans for extended stay or those in larger groups have a preference for this type of facility because of several advantages they offer in comparison to conventional hotels.

In Cleveland however, vacation rentals by far are only an extension of the regular hotels and many of the features available in a conventional vacation rental are generally absent. Keep that on mind in your Cleveland travel deals will do you good.

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Yet, if you consider vacation rentals for your Cleveland Ohio travel, you can still benefit from this class of accommodation that the City has on offer. Cleveland vacation rentals are generally one bed/2 bed facilities rented out in most cases, by the owners themselves. The average price of about $70 per room night compares very favorably with some of the upscale hotels in Cleveland. The additional advantages that would accrue to you from the Cleveland vacation rentals are the amenities which are on par or better than the hotels, more comfortable and spacious parking, more intimate environment, and personalized attention from the owners themselves.

It may not be long before Cleveland catches up with more vacation rentals matching other metropolitan cities. Cleveland's transition from an industrial economy to a multi faceted economy is still continuing and presently positions itself among the most happening cities in America. Therefore, the present comments on the state of its offerings on Vacation rentals may become outdated in the foreseeable future.

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