Visiting Cleveland Museum of Art for Family Fun: Guide to Museum Hours, Events and Important Collections

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Cleveland is its Art Museum. The museum has been established in 1913 but was opened to the public in 1916. Since then a lot of different collection was added and a lot has changed in the museum.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Visiting the Cleveland art museum is perfect for the whole family and at the same time very educational. There's a wide variety of collection which would surely capture the interest of every family member. One of the most famous collections is the armor court where a number of medieval armor suits are in display. The museum also host temporary exhibits of famous artist. Important works like Pablo Picasso's 1930s work.

Museum's Famous Collection

The museum offers a public tour and they also accept school tours. Maps and gallery guides are also available for the museum's guest. The museum is open at 10am until 5pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. While they close at 9pm on Wednesday and Friday, the museum is closed on Monday.

Museum's Daily Schedule

The museum has a calendar for all the scheduled special events that will happened on certain dates. Some special events include the introduction of the museum's new gallery which includes the ancient world and Africa collection. And a lecture from Dr. John and Helen Collis about "Connect to Classical Culture" is also one of the most important events to happen in the museum.

List of Special Event's on the Museum of Cleveland

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