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For most nations, the sovereign state serves as the custodian of its history as well as culture. But, for the United States of America, the onus was more on private individuals deeply interested in preserving the events surrounding the revolution and establishment of the New Nation. These individuals set about collecting pertinent material, documents and started writing histories. The National Archives for the United States was established only in 1934 and was the subject of intense lobbying. This society should ideally figure in your Cleveland Ohio travel itinerary to get a glimpse of Cleveland's past.

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The turn of the 18th century saw people interested in regional and national history coming together to form "historical societies". The first of such societies were born in Massachusetts in the year 1791. This was followed by another in 1799 at Connecticut and 1804 saw a third one in New York. By 1820, the movement gained further momentum and when the civil war was over some 120 similar establishments had been created.

Not all of these 120 could endure the test of time, but some that managed like the Chicago History museum, the American Antiquarian Society, and Historical society of Pennsylvania developed an array of collections including published as well as archival material and objects relevant to regional, local and national history. These societies also often published historical works and reports which remain most valuable even in modern times.

The Western Reserve Historical Society which was born in 1867 was a part of the 18th century movement to preserve the nation's history and culture. While it is easier to determine the dateline when the society came into existence, a convincing answer to why it did at that specific point in time has been difficult to find. A major reason being attributed by historians is that Cleveland in those times was going through enormous changes.

The founders of the society had realized the rapidly receding past and the fact that several people who had played active roles in the creation of the city and its early stages of growth were growing older and dying. These developments had therefore possibly influenced the founders of the society to focus their attention on preserving the past for the posterity. You can enhance your Cleveland Ohio travel experience when you visit the society during your forthcoming trip.

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Western Reserve Historical Society Address
10825 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Tel: (216) 721-5722
Email: N/A

Western Reserve Historical Society Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Adults: $8.50
Children: $5

Website: http://www.wrhs.org

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